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A modern take on Passover with the hilarious 'Don't Fuhaggadahboudit' Haggadah and NYC events

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Let's make Passover fun together!

Manhattan-based writer and artist Danielle Brody updated her annual Haggadah, “Don’t Fuhaggadahboudit" and is hosting events.

The Haggadah is filled with original illustrations, all of which depict the story of Passover in New York City. It upholds the tradition of the Seder in a funny, enjoyable, easy-to-follow format. It’s writtern for adults, but it's appropriate for people of all ages, kids, interfaith families, and approachable for any level of Judaism.

Brody is also hosting events: a second-night Seder to go with the book in Tribeca with JCP and a comedy show.

Brody originally published a limited-run edition of the Haggadah in March 2021 and has been updating it every year since to include timely, relevant jokes.

“Don’t Fuhaggadahboudit” tells the story of the exodus of the Jewish people led by Moses, but puts an entertaining spin on the thousand-year-old tale. Examples include: the quiet child who relies on ChatGPT, Moses sailing down the East River on the ferry, and plagues like antisemites and flight cancelations.

Hilarious Haggadah pages: Modern plagues, modern four children, and Moses in New York City

Brody wrote, illustrated, and self-published the 36-page Haggadah. It is available for sale as an ebook or print book, with packages available. Both can be purchased here.

T-shirts are also available for purchase featuring images from the Haggadah like the afikomen and the highway sign.


Danielle Brody is a Jewish writer, marketer, and artist living in New York City. During the early months of the pandemic, she missed practicing comedy at open mics, so she put that energy toward her childhood hobby of doodling. That led her to creating countless cartoons, cards, custom illustrations, and videos. In 2021, she self-published the first version of this Haggadah and another cartoon holiday guide, Hanukkah in Your Hands. She also created a card game that is now an event concept called Mitzvah or Shandah.

She is the founder and creative director of Danielle Brody Media, which includes content platforms Danielle in Doodles and Jews in Doodles. Brody also works full time as a content producer at a leading news publisher in New York.


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