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Brooklyn Writer Publishes NYC-themed 'Don't FUHAGGADAHBOUDIT' Haggadah for Passover

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Creative “Doodle Filled” Haggadah, Complete with Relatable Pandemic Jokes, is Now Available for Purchase with Accompanying Free Virtual Seder Event

Brooklyn writer, comedian, and creative director at Danielle in Doodles, Danielle Brody, today announced that her “Don’t FUHAGGADAHBOUDIT” Haggadah is available for purchase for digital download and in print. The themed Passover guide is filled with NYC-inspired jokes, pandemic puns, and original illustrations, all which depict the story of Passover. The Haggadah (available for sale), accompanies a free virtual Passover Seder March 28, 2021 complete with a singer, a comedian, and breakout rooms.

It’s been a year like no other, so Passover should be, too.

“I am thrilled to introduce my first Haggadah, which combines my love of doodling, comedic passion, and creative writing,” said Brody. “As a proud New York City resident and Jew, I created a Haggadah that is relatable, fun, simple, and a great way to change up your Passover whether it’s a small group or a Zoom Seder. I’m planning to use it with my family and am so excited for others to use it, too.”

The Haggadah highlights the story of the Jewish people and Moses, but puts an entertaining spin on the thousand-year-old tale. Examples include: a quarantined Afikomen, Moses sailing down the East River on the ferry, and the most life-changing plague – spending every waking hour with your first born.

The 32-page Haggadah was illustrated by Brody and her French drawing partner, Alice Blanc. The Haggadah is available for sale online for $10 as a digital download in English, French, or Hebrew, or as a print booklet in English for $20. Both can be purchased here. Tickets to the free virtual Seder are available here. The Seder, hosted on Zoom, is ideal for ages 12 and up, and is accessible with a computer, tablet or phone, and wifi.

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Danielle is a Jewish writer, comedian, artist, and marketer living in Brooklyn. As a kid, Brody drew comics and illustrated picture books and plays and dreamed of being an author. She earned a degree in mass communication and started her career in journalism. In 2018, Brody started doing standup comedy. When the pandemic started, Brody put down the mic and picked up her colored pencils. It started as a hobby but has expanded into over 100 doodles as well as greeting cards, custom work, videos, and more. Her relatable and colorful work includes tales of Jewish men she’s dated and Hilaria Baldwin’s “life lessons.” When Brody isn’t doodling, she is an associate editor working on clients’ stories at Insider Studios.

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