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Play this hilarious conversational Jewish card game that sparks dialogue and friendly debate with anyone and will have you saying "that's a mitzvah" and "that's a shandah" even after you stop playing. It launched in September and sold out in March. More coming in May in time for our live Yom Ha'atzahmaut show May 4 at the JCC in Manhattan.


How to play: pick a card, pick a side, and discover who the biggest mitzvah-doer is and who needs work.


  • You light candles for Shabbat but accidentally start a fire.
  • You go on Birthright and never come back to the US.
  • You never had a Bar Mitzvah, but you throw your dog a Bark Mitzvah.


Are those situations more mitzvah or shandah? And if you don’t know the word shandah, well that’s a shandah (Yiddish for shame or disgrace) . . . or is it?! Debate 100 hilarious situations inspired by Jewish life that were developed by New York comedians (like FreddyG and Arielle Kaplan), writers, and friends.


Then decide who in your group is most likely to do what’s described on the card, such as develop a crush on their rabbi, talk too much during services, or run out of food at an event they’re hosting.


This game was ispired by the High Holidays but you can play all year long with friends and family (recommended ages 13+ for some cards about alcohol, drugs, bris, and romance). It's great for family events, ice breakers, Shabbat dinner, or parties! 



"Danielle designed a hilarious and engaging social party game! It's well written and a lot of fun! I would recommend it to every Jew that likes to debate and laugh — which is like 98% of us!" — Matt C.


"It is an epic game and I highly recommend it. Props to Danielle!" — Jeff F.


"We love the cards!!!! Thank you :)" — Charlotte G.

Mitzvah or Shandah Jewish conversation card game


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