Press and testimonials

Here are various media platforms that have featured my doodles. And, a round-up of nice comments and testimonials!

Elon Musk and the stock market

February 2021

Introducing my biweekly column for Disruptive Technologists. This combines doodles with thoughts about the Gamestop fiasco.

Juggle Journals newsletter

October 2020

My doodle about "the real phases of quarantine" was featured in this NYC-based storytelling newsletter in the art category.


Good News Broadcast Interview

December 2020

I talked to Paul Sladkus of Good News Broadcast about Danielle in Doodles. He turned it into a video and podcast interview.

The Home Edit shared my doodle

October 2020

After watching The Home Edit, I created a series of doodles about the Netflix show. Then, it shared it on Instagram!

Jewish creative women.png

Jewish Creative Women Feature

December 2020

The popular Instagram account, Jewish Creative Women, showcases women artists, bakers, singers, and more. I was so excited when they featured me!

Lauren Keyson, Founder / Publisher, Disruptive Technologists, Inc.

I love your Danielle in Doodles work - funny, wry, intelligent - so true and so New York. I’m a big fan! You are the Fran Leibowitz of the New Millennium...

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