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What is Mitzvah or Shandah?

Play this hilarious conversational Jewish card game that sparks dialogue and friendly debate with anyone and will have you saying "that's a mitzvah" and "that's a shandah" even after you stop playing. It already sold-out once and is now a fun interactive live event hosted by the creator, Danielle Brody. 

The show has been performed at Caveat, Stand Up NY, JCC Manhattan, and the Jewish Community Project. It has received press from The Forward and Time Out NY.

Brody launched the game in September 2022 after being named a NY Jewish Week "36 to Watch" that summer and crowdsourcing ideas from her community.


Mitzvah or Shandah Live

Danielle is available to produce and host a show for your community! The concept is appropriate for audiences of all ages at synagogue functions, museum events, professional seminars, Hillel programs, comedy club shows, fundraising events, etc.


Danielle handles all produciton and sources comedians to join the show. She tailors the content to the audience and time of year. The show is interactive, hilarious, and "schticky."

It builds community and is appropriate for all, including non-Jews.