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Is Jewish Matchmaking a Mitzvah or a Shandah?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

I was so excited about Netflix's show, "Jewish Matchmaking," but nervous, too. Shows about Jews are often very one-sided and only show an extreme way to be Jewish or they can show Jews in a negative light. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the show.

But, not everything was perfect, so I decided to apply Mitzvah or Shandah to it!

Aleeza Ben Shalom on Netflix's Jewish Matchmaking = mitzvah

Aleeza was a great choice as the main character. She works well with every cast member and is so understanding!

Jewish Matchmaking Locations = shandah

How can you have a show about Jewish dating and not include one person from Manhattan?! I'm not only saying this because I live in Manhattan. Plus, New Yorkers are entertaining!

Stuart Chaseman = Mitzvah

Stuart is a character, so he was perfect for the show. He is hilarious! I love that we got a mini-makeover in the episode, too.

Dani Bergman = Mitzvah

Not to play favorites, but Dani was my favorite because I related most to her — and it's not just because we have the same name!

Socks and sneakers on a jet ski = shandah

This would also give me the ick. His preference for a Sephardic woman also gave me the ick, only because if that's what he really wanted, he shouldn't have led Dani on.

Jewish geography on a date = mitzvah (I think)

I was torn on this one. Sometimes it gets awkward and keeps the date in the friend zone so I'm not sure. But it was so relatable, I had to give it a mitzvah.

TMI in front of Aleeza Ben Shalom = shandah

I don't judge Ori or Harmonie for their preferences, but this was a little awkward. Even though Aleeza is very accepting, she's still a devout woman!

Diverse Jews on Jewish Matchmaking = shandah

So many shows about Judaism don't capture the nuances of our religion, and this show does a really good job at that from Aleeza's questions, the little animated lists, and contestants' conversations. I also appreciated that Netflix casted Jews from across the country and in Israel. Even though it needed more New Yorkers, I'm glad it broke the stereotype that we ALL live in New York.

Not casting me on Jewish Matchmaking = shandah

I applied at some point last year I think? I think I'd make good TV. And again, the show needed more New Yorkers!

Netflix's Jewish Matchmaking overall = mitzvah

I'm so happy Netflix gave us the show. More, please! What do you think?

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