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Things are getting hotter 🔥

Dating turn-ons, Jewish Matchmaking, and a sexy new series.

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From Hola to Nola: I'm back!

Passover recap, travel, Mother's Day, and more.

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Time Out NY approved!

Press for Passover, shows, and collabs.

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Don't Fu-haggadah-boudit

Passover, broken ankle, and events.

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Fleeing Philly and modern Moses

Haggadah updates and travel mistakes on the train.

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Mitzvah or Shandah Show tomorrow Night

Don't miss our live show tomorrow in NYC and preview fun new products for the Jewish holidays this spring.

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California Dreaming (of my mom)

Remembering my mom, misadventures on the West Coast, Haggadah updates, and another show.

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Burst my bubble with me

Ariana Grande, events, and busting a creative rut in January.

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I'll Have What She's Having 

Delis, dating, and dates ... for upcoming events!

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ManHannukah is on-a-kah

Holiday types cartoon, Grand Bazaar, a successful show, events, and exciting plans for the future!

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My shows and my shandahs

Show on Tuesday!!, saying sorry, and comedy show success.

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Stuffed already

Pre-Thanksgiving pep, deals, life and product updates, and events!.

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Turning 30 isn't so bad!

Farewell to my defining decade, a friendly roast, and upcoming events!

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Life lessons at almost 30

Reflections and bringing my game into the world!

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Funny business and ready for Rosh

Interview with a comedy club owner, apple picking, High Holiday updates, and Sunday at the Grand Bazaar with friends!

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Booze, Barbara Streisand, and the boardwalk

Festival art feature, drawing mainstream celebs, Jew of the Week, and game updates.

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Join me for a game night

NYC doodle diaries, in-person & virtual events to test my game, and Little Miss.

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Feeling like a 10!

He's a 10 but ... (a doodle about dating), celebrating my award and a couple with a cat.

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I won an award!

I'm a person to watch (in a good way). Plus, catching up on Jews of the Week and some happy occasions.

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Headshot help + Father's Day

Headshot options for an award, explore unique Father's Day ideas, and newsletter updates.

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For moms near, far, and not forgotten

Mixed feelings on Mother's Day and a last-minute card to celebrate moms or reflect.

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Passover fun for everyone🍷 🫓

Last-minute Passover Haggadah, events, merch, and nice feedback!

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You can't rain on my Passover parade

Modeling t-shirts with Dad, Passover partnerships, events, and more!

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I was the bad guy at the bball game

Sporting event snafus, bad guys, and Passover!

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Thoughts on Ukraine, masks, and travel

COVID restrictions loosen, learn about Zelensky, Purim and Passover updates.

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Remembering my mom in doodles

A cartoon about my mom and Valentine's Day ideas and deals.

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Distracted by West Elm Caleb

A serial dater's furniture line, coffee fails, Valentine's Day, and a Jewish naming.

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2021 Wrapped in Doodles

The top performing doodle content from the year.

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Miss Doodles goes to market — and school

Grand Bazaar, Hebrew school, miracles, a cute family.

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Homeless, hustling, and hungover

Downsides of being a digital nomad, Brooklyn nemeses, book updates.

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I published my second book 

Order "Hanukkah in Your Hands," newsletter anniversary, Asheville memories.

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Zoë Kravitz wished me a happy birthday & other news

Birthday celebrations and surprises, Chanukah preview, and impressive relatives.

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Apple picking fails and wagging tails

Fall fun, writer's retreat, Bark Mitzvah, and a cycling couple.

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Paying for my sins

COVID scare, Met Gala fashion, Chanukah book updates.

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Bye Brooklyn, hello New Year

I moved out of Brooklyn and welcome Rosh Hashana!

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A year of doodles & book news

Book cover, doodle-versary, mask confusion, and fake mini polaroids.

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Help me write my next book!

Official book announcement, habit adjustment, Passover, and a birthday.

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FOMO on the Fourth

July 4th is back and maybe so are masks (hello delta variant), a proposal, and still free Britney.

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Park pop-up and Father's Day!

Meet me in Prospect Park and don't miss out on Father's Day cards for Sunday!

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Pandemic Papas

Cuomo says NY is open, a new family portrait, and dads in doodles.

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Take a doodle tax break

Passover pals, ode to Ottawa, 2020 refunds, and a sweet Mother’s Day reaction.

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Mask on or mask off?

Shots in, sun's out, masks... off? Plus, a column about remote work and a first look at new cards.

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Live doodling at the park and a love story

I drew in the park today, a couple's cartoon, and Reddit to the rescue.

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Cadbury eggs and back to bread

Easter doodle, Passover recap, eating bread, and birthday doodle

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Passover updates, 'Quaran-types,' and Bachelor drama 

Project Passover takes off with sales and press!

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Work from home forever? (WFHF)

Office fears, problems with working remotely, and Hilaria Baldwin again.

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Ted Cruz, Purim Jews, and side part blues

A family trip to Mexico, top DIY costumes, and Gen Z starting hair controversy

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Touchdowns and meltdowns

Ample Hills ice cream falls apart, stressed billionaires, a column about the stock market

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Pardon me.

Club pardon, inauguration fashion, Sex and the City 

Samantha ideas, and a milestone in Sydney

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I was fired from a White House, too

Capitol riots, new habits, Valentine's Day sketches, and my first Etsy sale

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Draw ya later, 2020!

Phrases for each phase of 2020 and Jewish Christmas and New Years observations

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Holiday talent show results and other news

I impersonate a Menorah in a window and cry

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Skinny turkeys, a dance scandal, and a productive Thanksgiving alone

Turkey comic, fave TV shows, and a video

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Get back inside — and check out these doodles!

Quarantine hacks, Emily in Paris, and new habits

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Moms are mitzvahs 💖

Last-minute mother's day card download and updates.

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Twas the night before Pesach...

A lotta Haggadahs, corporate gig, press, and more.

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Passover events, merch, and more!

Upcoming events and Passover must-haves.

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My wakeup fall

Broken ankle, Passover, and Jewish events.

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Last chance to get tickets to Mitzvah or Shandah tonight

Get tickets before we sell out. See you soon!

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Share the love — it's a mitzvah! 💝

Love doodles for all and RSVP to the Mitzvah or Shandah show.

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Jewish comedy tonight and more upcoming events!

Show tonight at Solas Bar, Sunday museum tour, and Mitzvah or Shandah next month!