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Jew of the Week | Sex therapist Dr. Caleb Jacobson talks religion, modern dating, and love tips

Dr. Caleb Jacobson is a bible scholar and a sex therapist. If you think the two don't go together, well, he'll prove you wrong!

Jacobson loved studying religion from childhood growing up in Nashville. He even asked his parents if he could go to Hebrew School. When he got to college, his parents agreed he could pursue bible studies if he also studied something applicable to a job —¸ psychology.

His first internship while pursuing his Master's was with the Army substance abuse program. Surprisingly, a lot of the soldiers wanted to ask him about one thing — sex.

So, Jacobson ended up getting more education in sex therapy. He also has a doctorate of psychology and a PhD in Hebrew Bible and biblical archeology. In our interview we talked about his specialty in religion and sex therapy, misconceptions around Judaism and sex, why the Jewish rule of separating during menstruation can benefit couples, scheduling sex, the orthodox Jewish myth of having sex through a sheet, dealing with shame around sex, why dating apps are not the best way to meet someone, how to talk about sex, how to be a good lover ... and more!

Watch the full interview here:

Learn more about Dr. Caleb Jacobson and listen to his podcast, "Sex Therapy Podcast," here.

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