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Spotify Hanukkah playlist

My sister and I curated a playlist of 36ish songs to accompany the book. It's a (latke) mix of traditional and modern songs. Some are Jewish, some are just somewhat thematically relevant. Listen while mixing and frying latkes, opening presents, or spending time with family and friends. Enjoy!

References from the book — featured chefs and resources

The book has recipes from five Jewish chefs and mentions Trybal Gatherings and the story of Chag haBanot.

I talk about all of these things in the book, but here are links in case you want to explore more.

Jennifer Hutzel.jpg

Jennifer Hutzel

Parsnip Latke Recipe (pg. 19)

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Trybal is a national nonprofit that reimagines Jewish gatherings in a modern world. We offer innovative getaways for young adults and communities to connect, explore, play, and celebrate in a socially Jewish context.

This picture is of my bunk in summer 2021!

Hanukkah in Your Hands

I created a cartoon guidebook for the Festival of Lights. It has everything you need to know plus fun facts, recipes, and activities and is great for all ages. Let's celebrate together!

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