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A hilarious, wholesome, and hot guide to Hanukkah! Danielle and Michael, known widely online as Jews in Doodles and Hot Jewish Energy, are reinventing Hanukkah on their terms. Join them as they take you on a laugh-out-loud, sexy, fun-filled journey through the story of Hanukkah but in a “hotter” way. This (adults only!) book includes:


  • A modern version of the Hanukkah story featuring your favorite Jewish personalities and influencers like Amy Albertson (“The Asian Israeli”), Hen Mazzig, Julia Ain (@qveenjulia), and many more told as a vibrant, hilarious graphic novel
  • Diverse holiday traditions
  • Holiday recipes from Melinda Strauss and more
  • Hanukkah blessings and menorah 101
  • New dreidel rules
  • Original cartoons
  • Gift List
  • Sex inspiration
  • and more..!




"It is AMAZING!"

"Really love what you put together!"

The book is 52 pages, soft cover, 6x9 inches. It will ship in mid-November.



Hot Jewish Hanukkah Book


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