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Suffer no more at Seder!  “Don’t Fuhaggadahbodit” is a conversational, fun, easy-to-follow guide to your seder.


It’s written for adults, but it’s appropriate for all ages, inclusive for newcomers, and interactive. The story of Passover in this Haggadah is based on the traditional plot – but reimagined in New York City for a modern twist. Plus, there are discussion questions, seder plate explanations, original illustrations, and timely jokes like the quiet child who relies on ChatGPT, the afikomen who needs space, and Moses ordering a "Juber" to free the people. This Haggadah will make your Passover one you can’t “fuhaggadahbout.” 


The Seder will take 30 minutes to an hour and half, depending on how much you talk, laugh, and sing!


The book is 36 pages and 5.5x8.5 inches with big font. It will fit perfectly on your table! It was published in 2023.


Note: Check the options because there are discounts for buying multiple books.



- It’s also mercifully short, cute and DIY. - Jay Michaelson, The Forward

- "It’s a mouthful for a name, but a bit of wordplay most New Yorkers will appreciate. Danielle Brody’s haggadah, which she also playfully illustrated, “'puts an entertaining spin on the thousand-year-old tale.'” - Caleb Guedes-Reede, JTA

- We LOVED it! So funny and creative."  Amy L.

- It kicked ass!! We laughed a lot! For once the service was the best part of the Seder."


Need a bulk order of more than 20? Contact me! 

Don't Fuhaggadahboudit Funny Passover Haggadah

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    Is it child-friendly?

    Yes. The book is PG. Some of the jokes may go over their head, but it is appropriate, fun, and inclusive for the whole family.

    Is it for kids?

    This was written by an adult, for adults. However, you can still use it with children. We wrote it to be sensitive to the fact that seders are intergenerational. People of all ages can enjoy it.

    Can I buy it in stores?

    You can buy it at West Side Judaica in Manhattan, the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia, and in person from Danielle (pickup available in NYC) (email hi {at} to inquire).

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