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Passover seders and events in NYC

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Passover is coming! Ever since I started making a Haggadah in 2021, I'm all about helping people celebrate this holiday, whether you go home every year or need somewhere to go.

Check out upcoming Passover events and seders in New York City so you can get ready for the holiday and find something that's right for you, whether it's comedy, art, cooking, happy hour, or a musical seder. Some of the events below are specifically for 20s/30s, some are for everyone. If I missed an event, email me at hi @

And if you don't have a Haggadah yet, well, I have a great one for you, and it's NYC themed!

Wednesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 6 | DIY seder at Mile End

5-7:30 | Brooklyn | $65

Celebrate Passover with the ones you love at Mile End Deli on Wednesday, April 5th, beginning @ 5 pm. We’ll provide the food and drinks, but make sure to bring your own Haggadah, as this dinner is self-led! *Please note this is a family-style seder for individual families. All parties must leave by 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, April 5 and Thursday, April 6 | Group seder at Mile End

5-7:30 | Brooklyn | $180

The Unorthodox Haggadah is a way to enjoy religion's strange and wonderful world while skipping the boring parts. Ritual is at the core of every culture, but people are no longer into dogma. This seder is led by author Nathan Phillips on both evenings of 4/5 and 4/6 at 8:00 pm and includes a seder meal, wine, and a take-home copy of the Unorthodox Haggadah.

Wednesday, April 5 | NYConnect 20s/30s Seder at Temple Israel

6 pm | Upper East Side | $25

Join us for a modern, informal, and inclusive Passover experience led by Rabbi Alexis Pinsky. It includes Passover nosh, wine, and seder staples.

Wednesday, April 5 | Celebrate Passover at The BJC @ Pelham Parkway

7 pm | Bronx | $33.85

The Bronx Jewish Center @ Pelham, Parkway is hosting a Community Passover Seder for all of its Bronx and Westchester residents. Please join us for a warm and inviting atmosphere, and gourmet Passover cuisine. Enjoy a meaningful and interactive Seder with your children and family and friends. The Bronx Jewish Center is located at 900 Pelham Parkway South, Bx NY 10462. We look forward to welcoming you!

PLEASE RSVP to us at OR phone at 718-812-1701.

Wednesday, April 5 | Freedom Feast by LabShul

5:30 pm | Judson Memorial Church and online | $70+

Freedom Feast is an interactive and embodied Multi-Faith Passover Seder led by faith leaders, artists and activists, inspired by ancient shared narratives and commitment to justice, liberation, and dignity for all.

Wednesday, April 5 | Flatbush / Midwood Community Seder

8:30 - 11:30 pm | Flatbush/Midwood | $23.18

Family Passover Seder - ALL JEWS WELCOME A project of Chabad of Flatbush and Bris Avraham

Jewish Families join together to relive our Exodus from Egypt and experience the Seder in a fun, warm and inviting atmosphere. Kids are part of the Seder! English, Hebrew and Russian easy-to-use Haggadahs. Matza and wine/grape juice provided. Mouth watering Kosher-for-Passover meal.

Wednesday, April 5 - Thursday, April 6 | First Night Passover Seder in New York 2023 with Ohel Ayalah

6:30 pm | Manhattan | $96

First-Night Passover Seder for 20s and 30s (though all are welcome) in 2023 in New York City.

Thursday, April 6 | Don't Fuhaggadahboudit Second Night Seder

5:30 pm | Tribeca | $57+

Experience an entertaining Seder with a modern twist and the story of Pharaoh and Moses reimagined in NYC. This is open to all ages and will use "Don't Fuhaggadahboudit." It includes a meal, too! The seder will be led by me, Danielle Brody, and Rabbi Deena Silverstone.

Thursday, April 6 | Jewish Veg Zeder

6:30 pm | Online | $18

Jewish Veg is proud to announce our third annual vegan Zeder (Zoom Seder)! Join us for a second-night Seder that explores what it means for all living beings to be free. During this interactive event, you’ll have the opportunity to choose breakout rooms to sing, play games, swap recipes, and more. You are welcome to bring your vegan meal to your Zoom screen and eat at any time, whether in breakouts or in the main room.

Saturday, April 8 | UES Girls Passover Happy Hour

5:30-7:30 pm | Upper East side | free to join

Mix and mingle with Jewish locals over craft cocktails and bar bites at 2nd Floor Bar & Essen (above Second Avenue Deli on 75th between first and york). Please note, this event is pay-as-you-order (No ticket or sign-up necessary) and intended for the Jewish community. However, we would never turn anyone away who wants to come and hang.

Saturday, April 8 | Passover Exodus NYC at Space54

10 pm | Space54, midtown, $23+

Join us and hundreds of guests for the annual passover party in NYC. Full Kosher for Passover Bar.

Sunday, April 9 | Moses, Magic, & Monotheism: The Passover Story in Egyptian Art

10 am - 2 pm | The Met, UES | $25+

The Passover story is unlike any other story in the Torah. It is the pivotal point when the Israelites finally become a nation. How did we get there? Who was Moses? Who was Pharoah? Who were the Israelite slaves? What was the importance of magic and magicians in the story? Who is the Israelite God? Join Rabbi Nadia Gold on a journey through the story of the Exodus illustrated through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Egyptian art collection.

Tuesday, April 11 | 20s and 30s Matzah Pizza Party

7-9:30 pm | JCC, Upper West Side | $10+

Looking for a way to spice up your Passover? We have the perfect recipe. Come to the JCC to make matzah pizza using kitchen torches and a variety of kosher for Passover ingredients, enjoy quality kosher for Passover wine, and schmooze!

Friday, April 14 | Central 20s & 30s Liberation Shabbat

6:30-8:45 pm | Central Synagogue, Upper East side, $18+

Join Central 20s & 30s for a post-Passover Shabbat dinner and service. Rejoice in our historical freedom AND our freedom from all Passover dietary restrictions! There will be chametz as far as the eye can see: bread, beer, and baked goods! Live it up with the leavened, consume all the carbs, and gorge on gluten! Most importantly, become part of our friendly, prayerful, and welcoming community.

Wednesday, April 20 | Dacha x Gertie Passover

6 pm | Williamsburg, Gertie, $100

Want to extend the celebrations and have dinner with friends without worrying if you can eat everything? Well we did!! So we partnered with the amazing DACHA 46 duo to bring you the fully kosher for the Passover feast of your dreams. There will be 4-course, plenty of great wines, excellent tunes, and loads of fun!

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