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Inventing a friendship with Anna Sorokin

I'm not going to lie — I've never met Anna Sorokin. I moved to New York in 2016, and we just didn't quite overlap. Ok, I don't run in the same circles as Anna Sorokin, but I still felt like I've met people like her.

In a city like NYC especially, you can meet someone bold and exciting, or someone who has a lifestyle you want. And you want to be involved by association. You ignore some of their questionable behavior because you're having fun or you enjoy the friendship. And then something happens and you realize it's gone too far.

And sometimes you meet someone who is making things up and it's very obvious.

I was captivated by the Netflix series, "Inventing Anna." I related to the journalist and Rachel mostly, and Anna felt familiar. So, I decided to do some inventing. I drew a cartoon imagining what our friendship could have been like. I think she would have broken me very quickly.

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