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Billionaire space race — Jeff Bezos versus Richard Branson

The sky is no longer the limit for some billionaires — and the new measure of success is out of this world.

The building feuds between billionaires are just as interesting as civilians going into space. Elon Musk has been working on SpaceX for decades, but Richard Branson went up first in mid-July. Jeff Bezos took off just a week later and went deeper into space. But, that didn't stop Musk from making fun of him for just touching the edge of space, not actually going into orbit. (Musk's SpaceX rockets have done that, but he has not gone that far in yet!)

Next up is ... space tourism? It'll be interesting to see how this takes off, the backlash, and who's next ... See my doodle and some funny alternate captions below.

Richard Branson with his Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos with Blue Origin will compete in a space race.
The space race is on for Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.
  • Who wore it better?

  • Richard Branson is not impressed

  • Bezos: "Yee Haw!" Branson: "Been there done that."

  • Billionaires says losing their space virginity is out of this world

  • First trip out of Earth is just minutes for space virgins

  • Zero-G energy

  • Elon's feeling left out

  • Space cowboy — how can you now think of this awesome Kacey Musgraves song?! Did she predict this? I will leave you with her. :)

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