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Billionaires start to worry — Hedge funds, Jeff Bezos' legacy, and Manhattan Supertall residents

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Five years ago, 432 Park Ave was finished, adding an ugly super-tall skyscraper to the Manhattan skyline. It was called a middle finger, a cigarette, an abomination... It's very skinny and looks unsafe and unlivable. Well, apparently it is. And the billionaire residents are complaining about leaks, wind noise, shaking, losing value, etc. They're also fighting with each other about how to deal with the problems, which somehow makes this story even more satisfying. I bet they'd happily move into a sturdy, old 5-story walk-up now.

That inspired me to include some other billionaires. The hedge fund managers can breathe for a minute now that they got some control of the Gamestop stock, but the story won't be over that fast whether it's lawsuits or more unrest from us little people.

And, Jeff Bezos surprised us by announcing he's stepping down as Amazon's CEO and will just be chairman. I asked myself to pull up some of his most memorable moments like that little cheating/nude photo scandal, his divorce, and creating a country-wide competition for a new HQ2.

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