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Elon Musk's idea of a fun afternoon playing with the stock market

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

When Elon isn't busy disrupting transportation with his rocket or car companies, he likes to play with the stock market. I don't mean investing in it, I mean impacting it. He encouraged the Reddit rebellion in buying GameStop stock, but he also sent Etsy stock soaring with one tweet (Elon, please mention my shop next time!!). Apparently, he's influenced other stocks too. I think he's just having a little fun. And I had a little fun drawing him.

Fashion and beauty influencers have nothing on him. They can sell out a line in minutes. He's a stock market influencers and can change the economy in a day!

Also, shoutout to my Aunt Viv who interviewed the fellow South African for Fortune! Go Viv!! (Viv and Musk are both from South Africa. So is my Dad!)

Elon Musk thinking about his next stock market moves with his dog.
Elon Musk moves markets.

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