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End of year review budget request comic

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

At this time of year, a lot of us have been thinking about what we've accomplished. It was definitely on my mind in December as I was filling out my performance review for work, and in my personal life when I thought about how this doodling project has developed.

I connected with Caroline Cooke, a marketer who started Bright Humor to help brands leverage humor to engage with customers. She makes graphics about relatable issues at work. We came up with a comic about the annual end of year review and the struggle to get budget for new projects.

This is not about me/my professional work, just about work in general. And yes, I'm active on a lot of content platforms but I don't have a podcast! But Danielle in Doodles has been asking for more budget for art supplies. I took her to Blick recently and said NO to colored pencils that cost $10 each. She can talk to her department head and try again next year. Enjoy!

A professional starts a podcast, the CFO denies giving it budget.
End of year review

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