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My child self wants to know why I'm dressing in sweatpants at work in quarantine

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

My fashion has been slipping backwards since the pandemic started and sent me home from the office.

As a kid, matching sets, scrunchies, and headbands were staples in my wardrobe. I imagine if my young self could see me now, she'd be confused — not only because she thought we'd be married with three kids by 24 — but also because I'm dressing like a child getting ready for bed. Below are a doodle, pictures of me then and now, and a TikTok about my style de-evolution.

But first, a few soft clothing recommendations. I have limited space in my apartment so even though I have wanted to buy everything, I've been selective. It can't all fit in my room!

  • This matching sweat set by PJ Salvage (I'm wearing it in the pictures below). I wasn't sure about the large blocks of white, but it grew on me. I like this brand though so you can't go wrong! (also, I got this on Black Friday when it was a little cheaper — really writing this in case my dad reads it and says "You spent WHAT on sweatpants?!" I know.)

  • These sweats by Vintage Havana. I have only the sweatpants. They look amazing on the tall model, they make my legs look puffy but they're sweats and I don't care! (Another Black Friday buy).

  • These soft joggers from the Gap. They're comfy but better for spring because they're very thin.

  • This PJ set from Target. I have two summer pairs. They're so soft and comfortable. A lot of my friends bought them too.

My young self asks why I'm wearing matching sweatpant outfits as an adult.
My fashion is going backwards.

Little Danielle vs. Current Danielle

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