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New cartoon book, “Hanukkah in Your Hands,” is now available in print and as an ebook

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

An interactive, inclusive guide to celebrating the Festival of Lights with original illustrations, recipes, cartoons, and opportunities for learning.

Danielle Brody, founder and creative director of Danielle in Doodles, published her second book, “Hanukkah in Your Hands,” available now in print and as an ebook.

The book is a funny, modern all-in-one guide to the holiday. It has the Hanukkah rules (i.e. how to properly light the menorah), the story, recipes, personal narratives, and opportunities for reflection and discussion with cartoons featuring diverse characters and illustrations.

Featured recipes come from chefs including Jeffery Yoskowitz of The Gefilteria, who is featured in “Taste the Nation” on Hulu; Jeffrey Eisner of Pressure Luck Cooking; and a Jewish teacher based in LA who was born in Afghanistan.

With easy-to-follow pages, explainers, and fun facts, the book is appropriate for all ages, religions, and levels of Judaism to learn and engage. It's meant to be used for the whole holiday, drawn in, cooked with, etc., and will be updated annually.

“Our tradition is rich with details, symbols, and interpretations, but it’s easy for them to slip through the cracks year to year,” Brody said. “I wanted to create something special that I would find useful and enjoyable for remembering the rules and making the most of each night. This book gives you the information and tools to take the holiday into your own hands no matter how much you already know.”

Brody wrote, illustrated, and designed the book alongside her Jewish collaborator, Alice Blanc, who is based in France.

“Hanukkah in Your Hands” is available on Danielle’s website and her Etsy shop in print as a high-quality 40-page booklet for $18. The book is also available as an ebook with links to additional content for $10 each. Danielle created a holiday Spotify playlist called “Latke Mix” to accompany the book.

The National Museum of Jewish History in Philadelphia is also selling the print book.

Brody published her first book, “Don’t Fuhaggadahboudit,” a modern, illustrated Haggadah, in March 2021. Instead of Egypt, the story of Moses and Pharaoh is based in New York City. She will update and sell it next year.


Danielle in Doodles is a cartoon media platform and design business started by Danielle Brody in Brooklyn, NY in 2020. Brody has published over 200 cartoons about everything from dating to politics, holidays, and celebrities; along with videos of her doodles; greeting cards and popsockets; custom illustrations, and two books.

Brody, 29, is a full-time content producer at a global news company based in New York City. She grew up in Westchester, NY and attended University of Delaware. She has a background in journalism, standup comedy, content marketing, and event planning and loves building Jewish community.

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