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9 types of people celebrating Hanukkah

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I was struggling creatively this holiday, like I said in my last post where I drew myself as a menorah in the window — and posed as one!

But then, I teamed up with another (better) artist, Alice, who I connected with on Instagram. Check her out here: She lives in France! (Apologies that in the video below I put the wrong flag, very American of me).

We each drew the "types" of people celebrating Hanukkah. I think it's clear who drew what, but if not, I labeled it in the captions. Alice said she's the one who's enthusiastic about the holiday, I'm the chef or the Shamash. This year, I'm not much of anything, but I did light the candles and make some latkes from a box kit I had in the kitchen. For 2020, I think that's a lot! See the doodle and video version below!

The collaborative doodle

Video version, prepare for a fun holiday song!

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