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Hot Jewish Hanukkah Gift Guide for everyone on your list

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

If you haven't heard, Michael Valdes (aka Hot Jewish Energy online) and I wrote an adult book for the holiday. In the book, we included a cartoon gift guide. This blog post accompanies the book, and works on its own to find great gifts for everyone on your list, besides our book of course. We also included small businesses in Israel.

For Jews who love to laugh, argue, and schmooze

My Mitzvah or Shandah game's great for friends new and old and families. It's been getting rave reviews from all ages. This game is also available in West Side Judaica in NYC.

For the Jew who needs a Hanukkah companion (in the form of a book)

Check out two books"Hot Jewish Hanukkah," our brand new book that's a hilarious, very adult take on the story. And we have "Hanukkah in Your Hands," that's appropriate for kids and families. Both books have everything you need for the holiday all in one place for each of the 8 nights — the story of Hanukkah told in a graphic novel format, fun facts, the prayers, how to light the menorah, cartoons, and recipes.

"Hot Jewish Hanukkah" - for adults 18+

"Hanukkah in Your Hands" - for kids and families

This book is available as a print book and a digital download.

For Jews who like to know what day it is

When is Hanukkah? I've got you with my calendar magnet. Need more? Get the Jewish calendar notebook that has all the Jewish holidays and explanations of what they are, plus pages for notes! If you need half-naked men in your calendar, then check out Naughty Jewish Boys.

For Jews who love to wear Judaism on their sleeve

My coauthor and friend, Michael Valdes, sells Hot Jewish merch with proceeds going to Israel; Menschions has lots of festive clothing for everyone from babies to adults, Gefilteria makes an adorable hat (they also have a cookbook and workshops — and their recipe is in my Hanukkah books), and Schmuckboys podcast now has relatable merch.

For hot and horny Jews

Represent your Judaism from the streets to the sheets. We found a perfect condom for Hanukkah, cute Jewish boxers here and here, a dreidel thong, and Kosher sex toys!

Jewlery to support Israel

Mango Tree, based in Tel Aviv, makes Hebrew name necklaces. Velvet Box in NJ is donating proceeds to Israel. Jerusalem-based Hadaya makes engraved rings and map necklaces. Zmir Arts, based in Rehovot, makes affordable jewlery like the Israel flag heart. I love the colorful, playful pomegranate earrings from Muscat Jewelry studio in Israel. And Talia Sari, based in Tel Aviv, makes custom map jewlery.

Homegoods and art from Israel

Barbara Shaw, based in Jerusalem, has tons of gifts, including an adorable menorah and Am Yisrael Chai mug. And Tel Aviv-based artist Boaz Utay sells vibrant prints. Also check out resin mezuzahs by Nicole Friedman, based in Bet Shemesh.

For the proud, fashionable Jews

Support female designer and entrepreneur Ariel Tidhar, who makes eye-catching, proud Jewish jewelry, hair accessories, and homewares with sparkly resin. Every time I wear my dreidel earrings, I get compliments. She offers earrings to support Israel.

For the whimsical Jew

I love the Susan Alexandra Judaica collection, and she just dropped new menorahs, dreidels, clothing, and jewlery. And if you feel like splurging, check out her adorable beaded bags and jewelry.

For the Jew who loves to cook and bake

Jake Cohen's new book, "I Could Nosh"; Adeena Sussman's new book, "Shabbat", and "The Gefilte Manifesto," by Jeffrey Yoskowitz and Liz Alpern, whose recipe is featured in "Hot Jewish Hanukkah" Plus, we included Holiday cookie cutters to turn regular sugar cookies Jewish. We found a few!

For the Jew who loves to eat

If you don't feel like baking, get Jake Cohen's black and white cookies and other treats delivered from Goldbelly, order Fatty Sunday's Hanukkah chocolate-covered pretzels, or get your favorite holiday treats from Zabar's.

For Jews who like cards

We love these cards from our friends at Menschions, handmade cards on Etsy, and my cards to color in yourself (listing coming soon or reach out at hi [at] to order.

For Jews who like shoes

  • Shoes by Israeli company, Naot

  • Blundstones (not Israeli, but very popular with Israelis, and featured on most characters in our book)

  • Ugg Ultra Minis

  • Birkenstocks

For crafty Jews

For Jews who like Toys and Games

For Jews who like to get "Chai"

Hamsha Kosher edibles that you can find in a local store and a dreidel grinder and menorah holder with pre-rolled joints from Tokin Jew.

And here's a free gift from me, a fun Hanukkah playlist on Spotify, which includes all the songs the Jews in "Hot Jewish Hanukkah" recommend.

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