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What kind of camper were you?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Camp is back in session for many kids, which got me thinking about my experience as a camper.

My camp journey was untraditional for my Westchester town — I went to a sleepaway camp at 9 and 10 (it was ok), then tried another at 14 (I was too old to start new). In between, I tried other specialty camps like computer camp, circus camp, and theater camp!

Then at 19, I ended up working at a Jewish farm camp my cousin ran in Putnam Valley. At 28, I went back to camp with my peers at Trybal Gatherings, a Jewish adult sleepaway camp.

So I thought about all the people I know who went to camp, and came up with a few types. See the cartoon below to see which you relate to.

9 Relatable Camper Types

I was definitely a counselor's pet, historian, and artist. I was NOT an athlete but really enjoyed gymnastics.

What "types" were you? And what am I missing?

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