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I went sledding in Central Park — so am I a winter Olympian? New Yorkers' responses were mixed.

As a kid, my dad used to take my two sisters and me to the golf course for some steep, not crowded sledding. A few years ago, he gave me my own sled, which I thought was unnecessary. But I put it to use this year for a day of sledding.

The people in my building and neighborhood, which is pretty east of Central Park, skew a little older. So when I grabbed my sled and headed through a storm, I got a lot of encouraging nods.

By the time I got to the park, I had the confidence of a winter athlete.

When I finally saw the hundreds of kids on the hills, I got a reality check. It's intimidating out there!

I had a great day sledding in Central Park. The first day of snow is magical. What comes next is sludgy piles of mushy, dirty snow. At least I have these memories — and doodles. And I'm ready to watch the Winter Olympics from the comfort of my warm apartment.

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