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My coffee fails in NYC

I wish I could be one of those people who can walk with a coffee, take it on the subway, hold it securely while meeting a friend. I am not.

No matter how careful I am and how many times I tell myself it will be different this time, it never is. I always spill it!

You'd think I'd be safe with iced coffee, but last summer I got coffee while on the way to mail a package. I dropped it and punctured the plastic, so coffee was dripping out the bottom like a broken faucet. Then I arrived at the mail place unsure of how to handle this mess, so I left it outside on the sidewalk while I went inside. Then I held it a foot in front myself until I could find a trash can.

My whole trash can issue reminded me of a rant I read in TimeOut years ago about "ghost streets" who no trash cans, which I totally relate to.

This coffee klutziness is even worse in the winter with my coat and gloves etc. I made a doodle about it!

From now on, I'll take my coffee with milk, no sugar, and sitting down. That's the classier way of enjoying it, anyway, isn't it?

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