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Why I hated life as a digital nomad

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

On August 31, 2021, I moved out of my apartment in Brooklyn. My new apartment wasn't ready, and I thought I'd be a digital nomad for a month, six weeks tops. I love settling into a routine and making a home out an apartment, decorating, planning a housewarming party. I love the feeling of those first few weeks in a new neighborhood, where you find all the local spots you'll become a regular at.

Six weeks ended up being almost four full months. I stayed in about 8 different places along the way, and my clothes lived in four. Here's a doodle that shares my experience.

Part of the reason I hated being a digital nomad was because I wasn't prepared for it and a lot of things I needed, like my winter clothes and printer, were in storage.

But, given the choice, I wouldn't be a digital nomad again. It sounds a lot cooler and more fun than it is.

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