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Funny moving fails in New York City

I've lived in three different apartments in two boroughs in New York City. I don't think moving ever gets easier. I've never hired movers because luckily, I can always rely on my family to help me — especially after my movers never showed up (see below!). My dad worked as a mover in college, so he's an expert at maneuvering furniture out of one apartment and into the next and filling a truck like it's a 3D Tetris game to maximize space.

I moved out of Brooklyn at the end of August and put all of my furniture in a 10x10 Uhaul storage unit. It's there until my next move into my third borough, Manhattan, finally! (I'm also finally moving into a building that requires certified movers, so my dad can relax). I was sure I'd have to get rid of my desk or couch to make it all fit, but he made it work.

NYC has its own challenges, some of which are walkups, narrow streets, and even narrower doorways. See my doodle about my top moving fails from my many moves.

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