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Work from home forever? 8 excuses to avoid going back to the office.

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I've gotten pretty comfortable working from home. But, it seems like there is an end in sight to COVID taking over our lives, which means many of us will soon be called back to the office. I want normalcy again, but I'm kind of scared, too! But don't worry, I have a doodle — and video — below with 8 excuses to avoid returning to the office. You're welcome.

How to avoid going back to work doodle

Excuses to work from home forever
Work from home

Earlier this year and I went back to the office to meet with our intern who we've been talking to on video chat for the past six months, but have never met in person! I was anxious about it (see this December doodle about forgetting everything last time I went in), but it was actually really nice to have a somewhat normal day and connect in real life. So, don’t worry, you can go back if you have to. You’ve done this before!

Video: Excuses to work from home forever

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