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FOMO on July 4th is back — I need to have an amazing celebration to make up for lost time

I honestly can't remember what I did for July 4th, 2020. That's not typical for me! I love a holiday celebration. But last year was a hazy blur and New York City dispersed fireworks to minimize crowds, so it didn't seem worth it to go on wild goose chase to find them. On the heels of George Floyd's murder, who even felt like celebrating? (I do remember hearing the alarming pop of illegal fireworks all summer long, though!!)

This year is different! For one, fireworks are back (find out how to see them here)! And so is socializing. I was inspired by this New York Magazine cover about FOMO (fear of missing out). And, I heard the term "revenge celebration" recently which I think will apply to how we celebrate, party, and travel going forward in this safer world.

With so much of the country opening up, it seems like the pressure is back on to have an amazing time this weekend and make up for the past year and half. How do we choose the best plan?!

Girl in a festive July 4th outfit deciding between celebrations - booze cruise, rooftop party, park picnic, or backyard bbq?
It's hard to choose what to do this July 4

No matter what you choose, enjoy your holiday!

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