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I imagine where the ‘Sex and the City’ characters are now

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

After spin-off movies, rumors, feuds... and Kristen Davis bizarrely hosting this dating show, (MOST) of the ladies are coming back where they belong. I discovered Sex and the City when we had free HBO one summer in middle school. When my parents found out I was watching, they promptly disconnected it from my TV. Somehow I managed to catch up in adulthood, and I'll definitely be watching the reboot ... as long as someone can lend me their HBO Max login.

While I await its return and an account to borrow, I imagine where the characters will be today (in a COVID-free world). (Also, I spotted Cynthia Nixon and her wife in SoHo a few years ago, doodle here about celeb run-ins.) Doodle and video below.

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha.
Where are the women of Sex and the City today?
The women of ‘Sex and the City’ today.
Maybe this is how ‘And just like that’ will start.


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