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4 shows that are new (to me) that I love and you might love, too

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I discovered a lot of great TV in quarantine. See the doodle and then read below for more reviews!

Four shows I discovered in quarantine
I recommend watching these shows!
  1. You've probably heard of "Schitt's Creek" (Netflix) — it's hilarious and lovable and everyone is talking about it so you have to watch. Give it a few episodes to get into it. You’ll fall in love with the characters.

  2. "Dancing with the Stars" ended Monday. Kaitlyn Bristowe, from "The Bachelor" (also an ABC show hmmmm) won. While she is a very talented dancer, many people think Nev Schulman, from "Catfish", should have won because he was consistently AMAZING. #NevGotRobbed was trending and I was team Nev. The show pairs celebrities with professional dancers and some of the non-pros become really good! Like Nev.

  3. "Younger" (Hulu) stars Sutton Foster posing as a 26-year-old to get a job in publishing. Hilary Duff is in it too. If you loved "Sex and the City," you have to watch it. It's smart and funny and is the closest depiction of what my life used to be like working in NYC.

  4. My sister introduced me to "Finding Your Roots" on PBS. The host finds the answers to mysteries in celebrities' family histories. It's funny, surprising, emotional, and historical! It’s an amazing journey to watch. Start with Andy Samberg's episode.


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