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NYC Artist And By Miriam Collaborate To Make Passover Tasty and Entertaining

By Miriam is offering a funny and unique Haggadah for $1 with their delicious catering packages.

New York – April 4, 2022 – Suffer no more this Passover. And don’t dread it either.

Israeli restaurant By Miriam can take care of the cooking and a new Haggadah will make the Seder entertaining.

By Miriam, a new takeout restaurant by the owner of Miriam in Park Slope, is offering a fun twist to their delicious Passover catering. The restaurant is partnering with artist and writer Danielle Brody, who wrote and illustrated “Don’t FU-HAGGADAH-BOUDIT,” a funny Passover Haggadah.

Customers who order catering can add the Haggadah on to their package for the nominal price of $1 each.

The Haggadah is filled with pandemic puns and original illustrations, all of which depict the story of Passover. It upholds the tradition of the Seder in a funny, enjoyable, easy-to-follow format. It’s geared toward ages 12 and up, but can be enjoyed by the whole family, interfaith Seders, and Jews of any level. In an urban adaptation, the story is based in NYC instead of Egypt — Moses sails up the East River on the ferry, grows up in the Gracie Mansion, and leads the Jews to freedom over the George Washington Bridge.

Customers can choose from two classic catering packages that serve four people each, priced at $380 and $220, or order a la carte. Some choices include gefilte fish and horseradish beets, lamb shanks with artichoke green peas and white wine, and halva mousse. Customers can choose to pick up from the Tribeca, Park Slope and Upper West Side location or have the food delivered from April 14 to April 16.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Miriam to distribute my Haggadah,” Brody said. “The Haggadah title is a play on a famous Brooklyn saying, and I love Miriam’s food, especially at their Park Slope location. I hope together, we make Passover delicious, memorable, and easy to enjoy!”


Danielle Brody is a Jewish writer, marketer, and artist living in New York City. During the early months of the pandemic, she missed practicing comedy at open mics, so she put that energy toward her childhood hobby of doodling. That led her to creating countless cartoons, cards, custom illustrations, and videos. In 2021, she self-published the first version of this Haggadah and another cartoon holiday guide, Hanukkah in Your Hands.

She is the founder and creative director of Danielle Brody Media, which includes content platforms Danielle in Doodles and Jews in Doodles. Brody also works full time as a content producer at a leading news publisher in New York.


By Miriam aims to take our guests on a cultural and historical exploration through our food.

Chef Alon Hadar has dedicated his career to researching and producing

dishes that insight meaningful engagement with the individuals and narratives

that define the food.

The best way we know how to tell our story is through our food.


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