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My favorite stuffed animals

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A long quarantine means that I've been more affectionate with stuffed animals than people, so I need to recognize my cuddly companions. Below is a doodle of my happy little family — and a video! And some minor social media fame.

Favorite stuffed animal doodle

A friend's mom got warmies for her whole apartment, which started the trend of giving them in my own friend group. They come in so many varieties and are great for pain, especially cramps. My dad got me the huggie recently. It's adorable and perfect for COVID times. And yes, I glued a cotton ball to it for the full effect. (I cannot find a link for it, he got it at Century21).

I'm holding four stuffed animals in my arms.
My stuffed animal family and me.

A video tour of my stuffed animal family

Warmie's Instagram liked this doodle! And, when I shared a picture of me with my Warmie, they shared it in their story... along with pictures of babies with Warmies. I guess that's their typical demographic! hahaha

My social media moment

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