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Why I'm feeling more emotional than ever

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Does anyone else feel more emotional than ever? It's a challenging time, so of course heartbreaking stories of COVID deaths and systemic racism are getting to me, but so are other unexpected situations. I'm not usually such a crier, but since March, the tears are flowing!

I’m crying all the time
Here’s what makes me cry right now.

I've found myself breaking out in tears while watching basically any show. We did a video about small businesses for work and I cried watching it. I freelance write for a magazine in Astoria and have written a few stories about how small businesses are coping. I've held back tears on interviews, especially a recent one with the owner of the comedy club where I got my start. Musicians have been playing on the streets, which just makes me love NYC even more. And, my friends have had some pretty exciting life news which thankfully brings happy tears. I recently became an "aunt"!

Here's the doodle about four situations that are making me emotional - doodle and video version. What's getting to you?

TV, small business news, outdoor music, and life milestones make me cry.
I'm so emotional lately!

Watch the video version

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