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My favorite memories from Israel with family, friends, and Birthright

In May, around the time of Israel Independence day, I started to reminisce on my favorite memories from Israel. I created this cartoon then, and finally added it to the blog.

I've been to Israel twice. The first time I visited was with my family for my youngest sister’s Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem. The second time was for birthright at the end of 2014, and I stayed an extra two weeks to visit family and friends with my sister. I can’t wait to go back and experience more. I even know quitzat ivrit achshav (a little Hebrew now)! See all of my favorite memories.

Making friends on Birthright

If you saw my cartoon about camp, you know I'm a "counselor's pet." I became close with the two Birthright "madrichot" (leaders) and the soldiers. We're still in touch!

Meeting family for the first time in Jerusalem, Ra'anana, and Haifa

I met my dad's cousins I didn't even know existed the first time I went to Israel. We stayed with them and they were so sweet and hospitable. The cousins in my dad's generation are all South African, and their kids speak Hebrew and English.

My sister's Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem

After planning two Bat Mitzvahs for my sister Julia and me, my mom decided my youngest sister, Lexi, would become a woman in Israel. We loved the experience, and she still got a "kid's party" around her 13th birthday.

Eating delicious falafel in Tel Aviv

I came to love falafel and pita when I was in Israel!

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Tel Aviv

I've now been in Israel for New Year's twice. If you're there for that holiday, you need to make it your own!

Going to the Western Wall

Going to the Western Wall is a special experience, especially around Shabbat.

I started to embrace Shabbat!

In Israel, I celebrated Shabbat with my Birthright group and my cousins. I didn't grow up with Shabbat. I realized it was something I could do at home, too, and started baking challah while I lived at home and hosting my own Shabbats with OneTable when I moved out.

I want to go back to Israel soon!

The picture of me below is when a friend took me to a club on Israel Independence Day that happened to be Israeli. I borrowed the flag! Hopefully I'm in the country itself soon.

Comment with your favorite things about Israel!

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