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What it's like growing up with a South African dad

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

One of my "fun facts" is always that my dad is South African. I know it is not technically about me, but growing up, the culture was a big part of my life. And it has impacted who I am today. It has also led to hilarious memories and a chaotic, but fun and exciting, childhood, which you'll see in the cartoon below!

All of my dad's relatives are from South Africa and now most of them live in California, Canada, and Israel. Most of them still have strong accents. I still love a braai (bbq), a crunchie bar (when I can find them!) and have South African decor throughout my apartment.

Also, in case you are wondering, my family and my dad are Jewish! There are a lot of South African Jews that came to the country via Lithuania. My dad moved to NYC when he was 18.

Click through the gallery for the cartoons

If you share my love of biltong and boerewors, reach out, I have some connections to getting these delicacies! (My dad still makes biltong but now over his apartment sink instead of in our garage)!

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