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Announcing ‘Hot Jewish Hanukkah' — a hilarious, adult graphic novel guide to the holiday

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Jewish artist Danielle Brody (aka Jews in Doodles) and activist Michael Valdes (aka Hot Jewish Energy) announce new Hanukkah graphic novel and book launch party on December 5 in New York City.

Danielle Brody and Michael Valdes, known widely online as Jews in Doodles and Hot Jewish Energy, are reinventing Hanukkah with a naughty (and nice) guide to all eight nights. In “Hot Jewish Hanukkah,” Jewish influencers are the “Maccababes,” King Antiochus is Greek Life President Antoni, and there’s a page dedicated to the “latke-sutra.” Did we mention this is for adults only?

Join them as they take you on a laugh-out-loud, fun-filled journey through the story of Hanukkah told as a graphic novel. “Hot Jewish Hanukkah,” is a hilarious, wholesome, and hot guide to the holiday that includes recipes from Melinda Strauss and other chefs, Hanukkah blessings, menorah 101, a gift list, sex inspiration, and more — all illustrated with original cartoons.

When Danielle, a creator and artist, presented Michael with Hanukkah In Your Hands, a book that she released in 2021 for people of all ages, he immediately thought her book could be revamped after two years in a “hot” new way. It was then that they decided to collaborate on a new version.

The authors decided to set the story on a college campus, a natural and comical setting to establish the Greek and Jewish communities that are at the center of the conflict. More recently, this setting has even more meaning, making this book incredibly timely.

“This book is the embodiment of Jewish joy; it promotes empowerment, the right to self-defense, and the need for humor in difficult times,” say Brody and Valdes. “Sometimes, you just need to laugh at the ridiculousness, and we hope you can do that with our story.”

Danielle and Michael curated a group of proudly Jewish influencers, advocates, and personalities to come together as the fictional “Maccababes,” including Amy Albertson (“The Asian Israeli”), Hen Mazzig, and Julia Ain (@qveenjulia). They’re also featured sharing their favorite holiday tips, songs, and traditions.

“Hot Jewish Hanukkah” is available as a paperback book for pre-order here and is now available on Amazon! The authors will host a launch party in New York on December 5 with a short reading, fried treats, surprises, and a DJ. Tickets come with a signed copy of the book.

Contact Danielle Brody at hi [at] or 914-484-0104 for sample pages, a preview copy of the book, speaking engagements, promotional images, or event information. Photos are by Evan Tucker Gurman, ETG Photos LLC.



Danielle is a writer and branded content producer. She started drawing in 2020, and since then, has built a brand and community. She’s published Hanukkah in Your Hands (this book’s predecessor) and for Passover, Don’t Fuhaggadahboudit. Her products include the game Mitzvah or Shandah, calendars, and greeting cards. You can find Danielle schlepping her merch to her events and comedy shows across the country. Danielle was named one of New York Jewish Week’s “36 to Watch” in 2022. She lives in Manhattan.


Michael Valdes is a singer, actor, activist, podcaster, and now, author! Outside of Hot Jewish Energy, he graduated from AMDA Los Angeles’ Musical Theatre BFA program and is on track to earn his MFA in Theatre from The New School in New York City. He currently resides ON Long Island and unapologetically watches Lifetime movies. His favorite book is Call Me By Your Name.

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