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Creative Valentine's Day ideas for last-minute, affordable gifts

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Valentine's Day cartoon for last-minute gifts

Celebrate love and support small businesses! I curated affordable gift and card ideas for everyone, whether you're doing this holiday on your own, with a friend, a partner, a spouse, or even a "situationship." I included products and ideas from other small businesses, and of course, some of my own. Plus, these gift ideas are helpful for any occasion, so save this for later! There is also a video version below.

Keep the flame alive on Valentine's Day

Come on, baby, light my fire! Here are two fun creative candle options.

City Bonfires - portable mini fire pit

I bought everyone in my family (and myself) a City Bonfire for Hanukkah! You light it outside and it creates a mini bonfire. They have lids for special occasions and sell smores sets.

Evil Queen Candles

I found these soy "candles with attitude" through my favorite store in Queens, The Brass Owl, but they ship throughout the US and Canada. They have quirky candles for every occasion.

Flora that's lasts forever

Everyone knows you can buy someone flowers, and that is lovely. Feel free to send some my way! But, here are some alternatives to fresh flowers that also last longer.

A dried bouquet has a vintage feel

I think dried flowers are really pretty, and I also like the vintage feel. I'm making a bouquet Friday with Florabrook in Manhattan, so I included them, but there are probably places that make these everywhere.

Gift a terrarium for a personal touch or make one together

I made my own terrarium a few years ago at Luludi Living Art in Queens, which was fun, easy, and creative. You can buy a terrarium at a plant shop, build it together at home, or take a class at a floral shop like I did. Then, keep adding things to it like shells, pebbles, and mementos from special occasions and travel.

Preserve your petals from special ocassions

If you do get fresh flowers for a special occasion, you can preserve them, too. My friend Tanya, who started Petal Preservation Co., turns flowers into beautiful pieces of art like shadow boxes, resin paperweights, and coasters.

Buy a bouquet from a local florist

If you do want to go the traditional route and get flowers, consider a local florist! I linked my friend Aleen of Chlorophyll. She's based in Long Island and delivers to the Greater NYC area. Her flowers are beautiful! She also makes wreaths.

Danielle in Doodles cartoons cards and personal illustrations

Use the code FEBLOVE for a 15% discount on any product on my shop.

Funny cartoon cards for everyone

This year, I made fun Valentine's Day cards for everyone. So far, "I'll schlep for you" and "You make me feel safe" are the most popular. They're available as physical cards (I'll mail them or offer NYC pick-up) or digital downloads. I can also personalize them.

Custom Illustrations

Get a custom drawing of a couple, your family, a bride and groom, or your pet that can be framed or shared online.

Your Love Story Cartoon

I take some information about your relationship and turn into a keepsake comic.

Cards for Deep Conversations

I don't have either of these card stacks, but they seem cool and were both created by women to encourage intimate conversations.

We're Not Really Strangers

Empowering meaningful connections with others — for friends or couples.

Healthier Together Deck by Liz Moody

150 cards to build intimacy through conversation.

Tasty Brews

Consider getting coffee grounds from your favorite roaster or a six-pack or growler of beers from your local brewery.

Local Grounds

Coffee is warm and even more special if it's from a coffee shop that means something to you. Drink it together or ensure someone thinks of you in the morning.

Fresh Hops

Breweries have fun and creative beers! Two of my favorite breweries are Veracious Brewing in CT. and SingleCut in Astoria, Queens. Share your own brew with your boo! Find a brewery.

I hope this helps for Valentine's Day or any other celebration!

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