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20 reasons I didn't get past the first date

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Dating is hard! Here are 20 reasons these suitors didn't last.

Drawings of reasons dates didn't work — he was engaged, he ghosted me, and he had monogrammed sleeves.
Dates from the past that didn't last.
  1. We met up and he DID NOT LOOK like his pictures from Hinge.

  2. He was a tutor part-time and had no other job .. there were other reasons but I'll protect his identity.

  3. One liked to use a baby voice and many of these guys are just babies.

  4. He "forgot" he was engaged but his The Knot page, and fiance, did not.

  5. Ghosted me but then came back, but not in full form. I believe it's called "breadcrumbing."

  6. Too energetic for me - he'd do great leading a sleep-away camp during color war or running a frat.

  7. He introduced me to a great bar. Thanks, what-his-name.

  8. Texted me back way too fast. Don't you have something else to do?!

  9. Took way too long to respond, like days. I know you use your phone every day!

  10. Too religious for me.

  11. He had an ugly tattoo and was not enthusiastic about my backyard. Yard enthusiasm is mandatory.

  12. We had lunch and drinks during the week and it went nowhere, but also maybe that wasn't a date.

  13. He clapped against his chest at a show. I pretended I didn't know him.

  14. His sleeves were monogrammed. This was during my phase of dating guys in Connecticut.

  15. I've dated few actor/comedians. If you couldn't tell yet, I am the star.

  16. He cared about his sax more than me.

  17. I called him "dirty Danbury" because he lived there and, well ... see the picture.

  18. He was becoming orthodox and lectured me on why I should be more religious. I still ordered pork.

  19. Nothing says romance like getting coffee after meeting at a networking event and him walking me to my office all before 9 am.

  20. He packed a great picnic but didn't pick up all the litter as it blew away. A hottie nearby scolded us and I sipped my wine and pretended I didn't know what was going on.

  21. Friends with benefits never works.

  22. He had the same name as my dad. That is setting everyone up for discomfort.

  23. He followed up, I apologized for my weird behavior, he said it was ok, he found me "strange but entertaining." I actually liked that phrase, but I didn't like him.

  24. My first FaceTime date didn't ever leave the screen.

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