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Let me tell your love story in a bright, memorable, humorous, hand-drawn cartoon! This is great for your home, Valentine's Day, a wedding or engagement gift, or an anniversary memento. I've been doing them for friends and now everyone wants one!


I write their story in a cartoon format and it includes 4-6 panels.



  • Digital drawing ($100) — I'll send you the cartoon as a digital file and each square in a google drive
  • Paper drawing ($150) I draw these detailed cartoons on watercolor paper and use colored pencil, marker, and watercolor to bring the 4-panel summary of their love story to life with fun headers and captions.
  • Paper drawing with frame and shipping ($175)

How it works:

1) Message or email me (hi[@] details about the couple (how they met, how the relationship progressed, a funny memory, any little details, and where they are now, pets, kids, etc). and some pictures. Choose if you want a digital drawing or drawing on paper.
2) Within 10 days, I will send a sketch with captions. Send any revisions.
3) Once you approve, I'll create the final drawing 
4) Digital: I'll email you the file
Paper: I'll mail you the physical cartoon and email you a digital file (a professional scan) of the drawing.

Love Story Cartoon, Couple Cartoon, Wedding Gift

PriceFrom $100.00

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