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Century 21 is reopening in NYC and that makes me feel better about the future

This week, I heard the news that Century 21, a discount department store with a flagship in New York City, is reopening next year. It closed in 2020 during the pandemic. It's such an enormous and iconic building, seeing it closed was pretty sad.

I doodled what the store means to me, and what its return means, too.

A cartoon about my Century 21 memories

It's funny how a store closing and opening can mean so much more than what it actually is. Something about Century 21 returning makes me feel like it softens the blow of the pandemic, and that the city is recovering.

Things aren't going back to the way there were before the pandemic, but seeing a lit up, not shuttered, Century 21 when I'm downtown, will make me feel a little more normal and a little less sad.

How do you feel about Century 21 reopening?

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