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Are side parts really over? A cartoon about my hair journey.

I've always been told that middle parts are bad.

So when a Gen Zer on TikTok declared that everyone looks good with a middle part, and now side parts are over, I was very confused. (Gen Z also said skinny jeans are out).

This is bad news to me and likely many other women because a) we were made to believe that side parts look better and b) we've already told our hairdressers which side we part our hair on, so our hair is now designed for a side part. We're all going to need a bit more warning if middle parts really are the future.

Anyway, for me, and I'd think many other people, my part/hair has been a journey that my mother has been vocal about. I went through lots of pictures from my past to help this doodle, so it's screaming for a video, which I'll share next week. For now, see the doodle below.


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