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I still draw like I did as a kid

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

As a kid, I loved creative writing. I wasn't great at drawing, but I did it anyway as a medium to express myself. I have a lot to say, and pictures help! I knew I did this, but forget the extent. My sister reminded me that the summer I was a camp counselor and she was at sleepaway camp, I'd send her letters with a little drawing of each camper to explain their personality. In school ... and maybe at work too ... I doodle all over notebook pages.

Then I looked under the bed and found a picture book I made for a seventh-grade history project about the Shaker community (which made me think that today's middle schoolers must be doing MUCH more sophisticated work!) and it had comics in it. I couldn't believe it! Really, Danielle in Doodles is just me picking up an old passion. Not a lot has changed, even my drawing skills. Here are a doodle and video about it. My young self and current self reintroduce themselves.

Guess which is a recent drawing and which is a drawing from childhood (hover for answers at the bottom and use the arrow on the right to click through)

Video version

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