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Walking by film shoots in NYC and spotting celebrities like Selena Gomez and Steve Martin

A classic New York experience is seeing a no parking flyer posted because a show or movie is filming, walking past a Haddad's cast trailer, or seeing the crew with walkie talkies near a mass of lights.

The other day, I saw "Only Murders in the Building" a cute Hulu show starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin, filming a few blocks from me. People gathered around and watched together from across the street. I had an excellent view and a great time with my fellow fans. If you watch the show, we were just like that motley crew of podcast fans waiting outside The Dakota.

I've lived in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, and they all attract movie shoots. I've come across lots of movie trailers and sets during my time living in NYC. In NY, it can be exciting or annoying.

That inspired me to make another doodle about how I react to any film set happening near me. It ranges from curious to annoyed to acting like a paparazzi.

And, here's a video version of seeing "Only Murders" shooting in my area.

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