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Reasons men have apologized to me

Many people are waiting for an apology ... I just ask for it. Yes, I'm a vengeful, justice-seeking libra. Here are some instances with men specifically from years ago and from the more recent past.

College hookup

Yes, I had to clean up his urine — and tell him it happened. So college!

College best friend

This was an awkward apology lunch.

Israeli date

The date didn't go well, but he tried to make me look good later.

"Friend" with benefits

This was bound to blow up in my face, and it did.

Fellow comedian

Going to open mics was grueling, especially this one.

Very brief fling from the past

I didn't need an apology, but I got it.

Run-in on the subway

He was the last person I wanted to see.

Dating ended by bad texting

This ended quickly.

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