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My defining decade: A look back at the most memorable moments of my 20s before I turn 30

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

It finally happened — I turned 30. For some reason I've always dreaded this milestone. When I was younger, turning 30 seemed like the worst thing. A stop sign. An end point. In college, I thought I'd have some successful startup by 24. I missed that a while ago.

As I got closer to this moment, I realized that I'm on my own journey. It's amazing how much has happened and all the unexpected turns my life has taken. I also fulfilled some lifelong dreams (like becoming an author) so much earlier than I could have predicted. Everything I do leads me to the next stop on my path. I could have never predicted exactly where I am now, and that's the joy of life. I'm enjoying my journey and learning from the parts I don't.

A few months ago I saw a YouTuber's video about each year of her 20s, so I thought I'd do the same thing, in a cartoon of course.

This birthday milestone is bittersweet (my 20s were mostly a blast), but I'm feeling great about where I am and what's next in my ... "refining" decade.

Here's a look back before I fully embrace this next decade.

Comment with the best thing about turning 30!

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