Purim party planning tips for a memorable holiday event

Purim is one of the happiest Jewish holidays. It's festive, it involves triangle-shaped cookies, dressing up, and booing the holiday's villain, Haman.

This year, I went into Purim party planning and doodling mode. Here are my tips for throwing a great Purim party below with a video too.

How to throw a great Purim party

Encourage people to dress up for Purim or help them do it

Ask everyone to dress up or provide masks. I got fun masks of Haman, Esther, and Mordechai from my local Judaica store and gave one to each guest. One tip: make sure they're not child-sized, these were and I thought it was no big deal, but they weren't that wearable. Oops!

Make some noise

Get some noisemakers! My Judaica store had tambourines, and I got a few of those. They were kind of there for decoration. But they're especially helpful if you need to get everyone's attention!

Serve hamantaschen and triangular finger food

I bought Hamantaschen ahead of time from two local bakers - Orwashsers and Oy Vey Osteria. (Next time I want to try Bread's Bakery, too, which was featured on a segment on the Sunday Morning news show).

I also bought frozen Ta'amti burekas, which are triangle shaped! You can also serve samosas, pizza, quesadillas, chips and salsa (although so many of the chips I bought broke they didn't look that triangular), spanakopita, or perogies.

DIY hamantaschen

Danielle rolling out Hamantaschen dough in an Esther mask
Danielle rolling out Hamantaschen dough