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How I feel on Mother's Day after losing my mom

Mother's Day is tough when you don't have your mom. People ask about plans and f you're visiting, and I can't.

Even the MTA reminded me that I should visit my mom.

I made this cartoon to express how I feel on Mother’s Day. I think it’s funny and touches on the feeling of unfairness that she’s gone and this holiday still exists.

I feel connected to her in random places and at unexpected times (most recently when my smoke alarm started chirping and during the movie CODA). I try to look out for signs, if those exist! If she was here, I'd visit her all the time.

If you're celebrating, have a lovely Mother's Day honoring your mom. Life and moments together are precious. If you're like me, I hope you can find reflective moments, and that some of this content is relatable or helpful.

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