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Britney Spears' 'toxic' conservatorship explained with her song titles

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Britney Spears went to court this past week to gain control of her finances and leave her conservatorship. Her father took control of her finances and work decisions after her mental health crisis in 2008.

Since then, it seems that her family, and the court-appointed conservator, have way too much control over how she lives her life, her work schedule, and more. After not hearing from her in years, it was powerful, and heartbreaking, to hear her talk about her situation in her own words (I listened to her testimony here).

Britney Spears fans support her with her own song titles #FreeBritney.
Britney Spears fans support her with her own song titles #FreeBritney.

A niche group of people have been saying Free Britney for years, and even protesting. The movement is gaining momentum. And I realized that, eerily, some of her own lyrics describe her situation, so I used them with her supporters for her doodle. I hope she can finally live her own life.

These songs date back to Britney's early career. Was she trying to tell us something all along?

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