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Where to get Hamantaschen in NYC

Updated: Mar 25

It isn't Purim without eating hamantaschen! One of my favorite things to do is try different bakeries' treats. Here is a list of bakeries to get these treats!

Avenue Bakery — Manhattan

Avenue Bakery is a new kosher bakery on the Upper East Side carries prune, raspberry, poppyseed, and apricot hamnataschen.

Bread's Bakery — Manhattan

Bread's is a classic go-to spot for hamantaschen and other delicious baked goods (like their unique black and white cookie!). They have locations in Union Square, Upper East Side, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park (kiosk), and Lincoln Square. They have all the classic flavors and even matcha! I love this BTS video of Bread's bakers at work making hamantaschen!

Butterfield Market — Manhattan

Butterfield, an Upper East Side market, carries hamantaschen! I got them in a pinch for a party last year. They're delicate, fresh, and delicious, and come in a pretty box.

Ella's Cafe - Manhattan

Ella's, an Israeli cafe on the Upper East Side, is a neighborhood favorite. They carry apricot, raspberry, and poppyseed-fig hamantaschen sold individually or in cute boxes.

Green's — Brooklyn

Greeen's hamantaschen remind me of classic synagogue hamantaschen because they can feed the masses. You can order them in advance online. These are great if you are having a large party — they're available in boxes of 10 and go up to 10 lb boxes.

Orwashers — Manhattan

Orwashers is another classic bakery for hamantaschen. They have the classic flavors (poppy, prune, apricot, and raspberry) — and if you want some fun, chocolate with sprinkles. Orwashers has locations on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and Long Island.

Modern Bread and Bagel — Manhattan

If you're gluten-free (or a g-free ally!), grab hamantaschen at Modern Bread and Bagel in Chelsea or on the Upper West Side. They have lemon poppy, orange fig, apricot, and raspberry.

Michaeli — Manhattan

Michaeli, an Israeli-owned bakery, offers interesting flavors at its locations on the Upper East Side and Lower East Side — chocolate, halva, poppy, apple and date, prune, strawberry, and gluten-free nutella. And, if you want to try something different, they make a fruity Purim galette.

Oneg Bakery - Brooklyn

This bakery in South Williamsburg is known for its chocolate babka, but, it also has dairy-free, vegan, parve hamantaschen!

Padoca - Manhattan

Celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Purim with Padoca's hand shaped, triangular, filled cookies.

Our flavors include Dulce de Leche, Guava + Sweet Cheese (Romeo + Juliet), and Brigadiero (our take on a chocolate hamantaschen). Padoca is a Brazilian bakery with locations on the Upper East Side and Lower East Side.

Zabars — Manhattan

Zabar's Purim Mixed Hamantashen are filled with an assortment of apricot, raspberry, prune and poppy fillings. A special treat anytime, especially on Purim. It is believed these cookies are named for Haman's three-cornered hat. Find them on the Upper West Side.

Your supermarket!

I can only speak for myself, but last year I found shelves of hamantaschen in my local Gristedes! They were pretty inexpensive and a solid option!

Make your own!

The internet is filled with recipes. Here are two I saw recently in the weekly recipe newletter from Bengingi, an Israeli baker who is popular on social media .. no, I didn't make them (I'm a terrible baker with a bad Hamantaschen success rate and have a tiny kitchen), but if you do, let me know how they were!

I hope you found this helpful! To stay updated on events and product drops, subscribe here.

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