New hobbies and interests I discovered by being in quarantine for months

Updated: Mar 8

It feels like nothing is happening when we're at home all the time. But - they have! They just feel a little smaller than things in 2019. What have you been doing?

My quarantine activities.

During quarantine I've been:

  • Reading every unread book on my shelf

  • Rolling a frozen jade roller across my face to feel alive

  • Writing detailed reviews on Yelp and Goodreads to connect ... and share my opinion

  • Adjusting my mask because none of them fit right!

  • Making eggs every day - which creates so many dishes

  • Getting more takeout than ever

  • I'm considering a dog, but also a chicken coop. I have a backyard!

  • Doing yoga and I tried meditating at some point but that's already over. See, things are happening!

  • Using metal straws in iced coffee then cleaning them with a special tiny brush

  • Puzzles, sewing, and making kombucha

  • Journaling in Moleskine, "Dear diary, I am in a pandemic, still."

  • Facetiming everyone and moving all my activities to Zoom

  • I'm on screens so much that I got lazy and started using iPhone's audio message feature. Has it always been there or is it new, I don't know?

  • Tweezing instead of threading. My eyebrows are doing ... ok

  • Actually doing Shabbat.

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