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New hobbies and interests I discovered by being in quarantine for months

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It feels like nothing is happening when we're at home all the time. But - they have! They just feel a little smaller than things in 2019. What have you been doing?

Drawings of my hobbies like puzzles, yoga, walking around, FaceTiming, jade rolling, reading and reviewing, and more.
My quarantine activities.

During quarantine I've been:

  • Reading every unread book on my shelf

  • Rolling a frozen jade roller across my face to feel alive

  • Writing detailed reviews on Yelp and Goodreads to connect ... and share my opinion

  • Adjusting my mask because none of them fit right!

  • Making eggs every day - which creates so many dishes

  • Getting more takeout than ever

  • I'm considering a dog, but also a chicken coop. I have a backyard!

  • Doing yoga and I tried meditating at some point but that's already over. See, things are happening!

  • Using metal straws in iced coffee then cleaning them with a special tiny brush

  • Puzzles, sewing, and making kombucha

  • Journaling in Moleskine, "Dear diary, I am in a pandemic, still."

  • Facetiming everyone and moving all my activities to Zoom

  • I'm on screens so much that I got lazy and started using iPhone's audio message feature. Has it always been there or is it new, I don't know?

  • Tweezing instead of threading. My eyebrows are doing ... ok

  • Actually doing Shabbat.

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